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Complete Credit Management Services Pty Ltd (CCMS) respect the privacy of individuals and we are committed to complying with the requirements for the handling of personal information pursuant to the Australian Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Cth).  A complete overview of the Australian Privacy Principles can be accessed at

In the carrying out of its debt recovery activities CCMS may collect, record, use and disclose personal information about a person who is;

  • a client of CCMS
  • a debtor, guarantor or referee of a CCMS client
  • a contractor or supplier of goods and services to CCMS

Information collected will vary depending upon the nature of the persons relationship with CCMS. It may include but not be limited to;

  • name, address and contact detail
  • financial circumstances, income, liabilities and commitments
  • credit card and bank account detail
  • employment status and history

Where possible we collect personal information directly from the individual concerned however if this is not possible may collect if from other permitted sources such as;

  • commercial public databases and publications
  • a client of CCMS
  • third parties such as family members, work colleagues, referees, friends.

Where information is collected from third party sources we will ensure reasonable steps are taken to make you aware of how to contact us to access this information, how and why we collected the information and what we will do with the information.  In some instances it may be necessary to collect sensitive information such as information in respect to a person’s:

  • health
  • racial or ethnic origin
  • political opinions or associations
  • criminal record
  • religious or philosophical beliefs
  • memberships of a professional or trade association

Sensitive information is only collected with the persons consent or when we are otherwise legally entitled to do so.

CCMS limit the use of personal information to the primary purpose for which such information is initially collected, the performance of our debt recovery activities and in fulfilling any legal obligations that may be incumbent upon us.  The purpose and nature of the information collected may result in some personal information being disclosed to external outside parties, but only where there is valid reason to do so.  The information will only be disclosed where there is express or implied consent or where we are entitled or required by law to do so.  External parties to whom information may be disclosed in the performance of our debt recovery activities include ( but are not limited to )

  • our clients
  • our legal representatives and advisors
  • credit reporting agencies
  • Government Departments of Agencies where required or authorised by law
  • service providers such as process servers and field agents, mailing houses, mercantile agents Administrators, Liquidators, Receivers and insolvency practitioners.

CCMS take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it collects is accurate, up to date and complete.  A person, about whom personal information has been collected may request at any time to:

  • obtain a copy of the personal information that is on file
  • update the personal information that is on file
  • correct the personal information that is on file

All requests will be processed within two (2) business days of receipt.

In the event of a dispute regarding the accuracy of the information collected you may request a file note be made to record you consider the information is not accurate, up to date and complete.

Persons who may;

  • wish to find out what personal information CCMS holds about them; or
  • have a query, complaint or dispute that relates to this Privacy Policy; or
  • wish to enquire how their personal information has been handled

Are invited to, in the first instance telephone CCMS on (03) 5443 5288 between 8-30 a.m. and 6-00 p.m. OR forward a written request addressed to;

The Privacy Officer, Complete Credit Management Services Pty Ltd

As advised in the content of this policy and, after identity verification, all requests will be processed within two (2) business days of receipt.